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Top Flat Earth Proof Secrets

  There's also suspicious videos about Steven Hawking and one with Matt in what seems to become phase make-up claiming to have been intentionally strike by a car or truck, pushed by a basic-outfits law enforcement officer purposely trying to assassinate him.  

Flat Earth Conspiracy

Good day Eric, pleased to find out your resolve in promoting FE real truth. I must say I considered your rigid anti shill policy dictatorial when i initially arrived at IFERS, esp' when, to my surprise, I used to be banned myself, probably due to the fact I acquired somewhat pressured While using the religiocosis nutters, giving them a Digital kick up the arse. Any how huge respect, keep on combating The great battle.x

My facebook account is compromised, I've a large group of ball Earthers flooding any posts I make, I've enraged Lots of individuals as I write-up questions no ball Earther can response.

Looking through Matt's older videos on his channel It is really clear that these kinds of paranoid, aggressive, off-Placing rants are part of his schtick as well as the "flat Earth" subject is a lot more of the aside to his other functionality parts.  His YouTube "TheNASAChannel" is far much less worried about exposing NASA or the reality of our flat Earth plus more worried about Matt painting on bare Females's bodies, ranting about random topics like Axe Cologne / hookers on tinder, and advertising and marketing his championship-standing sexual prowess.

Preserve performing what your performing brother. I will continue to distribute the reality to the top of my capability. If you get one particular of these clowns to discussion along with you I would adore to hear that shit needless to say. Many thanks all over again for your Genuine initiatives to unfold the sole term:) Thx

  Acenci relayed Mark's concept which claimed, "Needless to say I don't have proof that everything during the sky is a projection of some form. The glimpse, and viewpoint I'm taking is strictly from the style and design standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's method of muddying the waters of truth and poisoning the flat Earth nicely.  Almost everything he has to mention on the flat Earth subject matter relies on "his design"; not science, proof, experiments, proof, or reason, but somewhat what he thinks functions greatest from "a game layout standpoint" (for the reason that he was once a video match designer).

Inside of a flat earth design, for the duration of January, wouldn't it be light right until 9pm on the alternative side on the aircraft when compared with my home?

Addendum: It really is quite doable- as a consequence of the skills of all covert organizations- that someone is aware who I am currently. I suspect these exact same folks feel that God can be mocked! You may want to re-assess that position. However, my identify is Andrew for those who don't know who I am. Cheers!

com)  Following, Thai buddies of mine (who have nothing to try and do with flat Earth) started off contacting me asking "who's Steven?" expressing he was trying to add them on Fb.  Once i confronted him about this apparent information-mining try, you are able to go through listed here, Steven claimed to get adding "anyone speaking about the flat Earth," that's a whole lie because the people that he was adding from my friends listing have not posted regarding the flat Earth

; He has claimed greater than after that "gravity is something we can easily demonstrate of course exists" when all legitimate flat Earthers know gravity would not exist, has not been tested, and is simply density; He even recently released his very own untested idea of "molecular magnetism" to clarify gravity in go here his "enclosed flat product."

Within this sequence we might be dispelling many globularist statements. This week we Have a look at lunar eclipses during the ball design and using the Parallaxian frame of mind place forth by Samuel Rowbotham demonstrating the globe earth theory to generally be incoherent with noticed phenomena. July 31, 2016

Thomas Sheridon:  may be the self-acclaimed specialist on psychopathy who continues to be evidenced here and listed here to acquire psychopathic tendencies himself.  Once the flat Earth subject commenced gaining traction Thomas started Placing out videos saying that everyone promoting the Flat Earth matter was part of a CIA Cointel disinfo psyop!

I could well be happy to assist, but I suspect you'll need a focused moderator/webmaster for each website page. And for any SubReddedit, numerous IFERS users committed to aiding fend off trolls by supplying concise specifics and rebuttals.

I study quite a bit, enjoy and listen to pretty some of the FE persons and continue to keep what is smart and toss out the rest. All have helped in some way or One more But, While you say there are actually

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